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What is an IP Address?

An IP (short for Internet Protocol) Address is a unique string of numbers assigned to a device (such as a laptop, phone, tablet, printer etc.) when it connects to the Internet. To put it plainly, an IP address is very similar to a physical address, just that it identifies you online, not offline.

This IP address is kept by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) until you disconnect from the Internet. After the disconnection, you may get a new IP address, although this is not necessarily the rule for every provider. Some ISPs may assign you with the same IP for months or even years, thus rendering you very easily identifiable online.

Bear in mind that your online identity remains assigned to the IP address allocated to you not only during the Internet session, but also for a certain period of time afterwards.

ISPs record and keep your personal data for several months in the event of any requests from the authorities. The data includes the name of the customer logged in, his/her valid IP address at the time of registration, as well as all the websites accessed online.

During an Internet connection without a VPN your privacy is close to zero and it’s only based on the belief that no one is interested in what you have on your computer or that you have nothing to hide – which are both false assumptions.

Change Your IP with Practical VPN and Become Untraceable

How Practical VPN works
The IP address assigned to you by your ISP is replaced with one from Practical VPN, which you will share with other users, so it will be impossible to be associated with you. Your real IP address, the one from your Internet provider, remains hidden and the pages you access only register the IP address we assign you. You become anonymous. You become untraceable.

Why you should use Practical VPN to hide your IP Address

Advanced computers and special programs can generate extended personality profiles starting exclusively from the data we send voluntarily every day over the Internet: the products viewed when accessing an online shop, traveling preferences for certain countries, opinions expressed on forums etc.

All these are associated with the email addresses and date of birth we fill in when requested, as well as with the IP address we leave behind when surfing online. A profile with our most private opinions can be thus very easily drawn up.

So here’s why you should hide your IP address using Practical VPN:

  1. To keep your online privacy and stop ISPs from spying on your personal life
    It’s known fact that even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is spying on you and stores your entire web experience. Everything – from websites you visit to software you download and things you buy online. It is perfectly legal to keep your IP hidden – you are entitled to full privacy online. Do this using Practical VPN and we will protect you with a military-grade encryption.
  2. To prevent identity theft
    We live in an online environment where hackers are a real threat. They can easily get a lot of personal information from your IP address such as the personal details you gave your ISP, your browser information, even your router information. With this data, a hacker can work their way into getting access to your computer and any information you have there. A hacker can even “mask” or replace their IP address with yours, meaning anything they do online will actually be traced back to you.
  1. Prevent spyware/malware/viruses
    Hackers can also use your IP address to send spyware/malware or other harmful viruses to your computer which in turn can allow them full access to your personal data. Make their work virtually impossible using Practical VPN.
  2. Provide safe browsing from work computer
    If you browse online from your work computer it is important to hide your IP for the reasons stated above. Hackers could get hold of your workplace’s IP address and put your workplace in danger by accessing private information about the company.
  3. Bypass geo-restricted websites
    Some websites restrict their content to only allow access to particular countries. If you replace your personal IP address with an IP from another country, you can get access to information that is usually restricted to you, such as TV series or sports shows.
  4. Prevent spam
    Some websites store your IP address and email address when you visit their site and then use this information to spam your computer or email with ads. You can prevent or lower your spam by hiding your IP address with Practical VPN.
  5. Safer online shopping
    If you shop online it’s important to know some websites may not have adequate security on their website. If that website is hacked or accessed, your recorded IP address can be retrieved and used to gain access to your computer or monitor your online activities.

Extra Malware Protection

Everybody knows a bit about malware nowadays a.k.a. the malicious software or viruses infecting a computer and allowing hackers to steal your personal information, such as name, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information which they can use against you or for online fraud.

What can you do to stay safe from malware? Use an antivirus to keep your computer/device protected but also download and install Practical VPN to safeguard your entire internet connection and sessions against malware attacks.


We, at Practical VPN, strive to make Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of a truly open Internet a reality. Mr. Berners-Lee imagined the Internet as a very different place when he implemented the first successful HTML communication in 1989. It was to be a safe space, free from censorship and surveillance. Unfortunately, as headlines around the world demonstrate daily, this is hardly the case.
We strive to provide absolutely un-compromised safety and privacy on the Web. We make sure no one sees what you do online because they shouldn’t. Nor should we, for that matter.
We do not keep logs. If someone asks us about you, we have nothing to share. We are free Internet enthusiasts who believe in a common secure future online. We support fighters for human rights, journalists, volunteers in conflict zones, information activists or anyone who believes in the power of the open Web as Mr. Berners-Lee imagined.
In the spirit of transparency, we’ll do everything we can to keep you updated about all aspects of our service, from server status upgrades to occasional glitches. We aim to create a lasting relationship of mutual trust with you, the customers who share our deeply held values.



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